Does Gemini Advanced beat Chat GPT?!

Download our app and pit Gemini Ultra against GPT-4.

Take your prompting to the next level!

Use leading AI models side-by-side and get the best answer for your prompts.

  • Type once and the app mirrors your prompt!

    Get answers from both Gemini and ChatGPT for each question you have.

    Type once and the app mirrors your prompt!
  • Lives in the menubar for quick access.

    Get your answers with a click away, no more switching and jumping between browser tabs.

    Lives in the menubar for quick access.
  • If you are old-school, you can use normal windows too.

    Launch as many standalone windows as you want, one for each topic you are researching.

    If you are old-school, you can use normal windows too.

Start prompting away, download now!


Lifetime license for a cup of coffee

  • Access from Menubar
  • Open unlimited standalone windows
  • Get over-the-air feature drops and bug fixes!
  • Use ChatGPT and Gemini side-by-side.
  • Use Bing and Google Search side-by-side.
  • Support for LLaMa, Claude coming soon!
  • Buy me a coffee and support my work! 🧑‍💻💙

Nah, just download free version for now.

  • Access from Menubar
  • Only supports 1 standalone window
  • NO over-the-air updates and bug fixes
  • Try ChatGPT and Gemini side-by-side.
  • Try Bing and Google Search side-by-side.

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Everything you need to know

What is OppenheimerGPT?

OppenheimerGPT is a macOS app that allows you to use AI models side-by-sde, at the same time!

Why is the app called OppenheimerGPT?

Like many of you, I watched Oppenheimer movie and drew numerous parallels between the movie and the ongoing AI race, hence the app's name.

Is OppenheimerGPT free?

Basic features are free, but to use pro features (multiple windows, keyboard shortcuts) you can purchase a lifetime license for $4.99!

Does the app store login details?

No! The app essentially creates two browser windows side-by-side. So, when you log in, you are following the same sign-in process as you would in a browser tab.

Does the app store any prompts that you enter?

No! The app operates entirely locally, without transmitting any data over the network. It simply mirrors the prompts you type into both the ChatGPT and Gemini text inputs.

Are more features coming to the app?

The app has a ton of features already but I'll keep sending over-the-air updates for Pro users.

Wonder, who is winning in the current AI race?

OppenheimerGPT is the perfect app to find out!

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